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stop ruining my life please.  ➝ colton haynes

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dylan o’brien neck vein appreciation  (。◕‿◕。)

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…should see to it that in the process they do not become monsters.
And if you gaze long enough into an abyss,
the abyss will gaze back into you.
— Friedrich Nietzsche


it’s you, it’s always you


it’s you, it’s always you



having a side chat on hair extensions. your Doctors, ladies & gents.

Heh, even Matt can’t resist touching David’s hair…


Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson.


Sterek AU: Ever since he was a kid Stiles has dreamed about being a baseball player. He eats, sleeps and breathes baseball, and the thing he’s always wanted more than anything is a chance to play alongside his idol, Derek Hale. Once they’re finally on the same team Stiles and Derek clash over the fact that Stiles can’t seem to take anything seriously, and Derek can’t seem to take a joke. The only thing they can agree on is baseball. 

'Cause he's a psychopath. Psychopaths get bored.


This gifset really fucking kills me. I know it’s been said before but every time I see it it always has the same effect. I’m pretty sure this is the scene where (I think it was) Jen (or one of the alphas) threw it in Stiles face that she knew where Stiles dad was. And Derek just lost his shit. Just fucking look at him. Look at his body language. How he throws the table across Stiles’ path so he won’t be able to try and stop him from going after them, almost like it would be a shield to block him from anything. And Stiles.. he had already been in the process of taking a step back. He wanted to back away because that shit fucking hurt him and then Derek just goes after them like a fucking guard dog and it just. Feels okay. 

And Stiles doesnt even try to stop him.. because Stiles is tired. This whole situation had to have been taking a mental toll on him that he once in a while only lets people peak at. The real damage being done.. that’s the shit that he hides away from the world. The boy probably hadn’t slept in days.. crying at night when no one’s around because he knows what’s at stake. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Derek took a walk past his house every now and again to check on him. He could probably hear him in his room trying to keep the sound of his sobs down even though the house was empty. Especially because the house is empty. 

Because Derek knows. He knows what a toll this has taken on Stiles. Stiles knows what it’s like to lose one parent but Derek knows what it’s like to lose both. And he doesn’t want to watch Stiles go through that pain. That change in his psyche. He wants to protect Stiles from the world and he wants better for Stiles than what he had to go through. He doesn’t want anyone to go through that. Not scott, not even Allison. 

And I’m not even talking romantically. This has nothing to do with the ship. This is what canon character development suggests. Derek genuinely cares about Stiles. The human of the pack. And we all know that he’s verbally constipated but he appreciates the fuck out of Stiles, even if he can’t always express it. 

So when it gets thrown in Stiles face again.. he just loses it. 

Tell me again how Derek only cares about himself. He cares about everyone BUT himself and that is a WHOLE OTHER CONVERSATION FOR ANOTHER DAY BECAUSE GODDAMN IF STILL WATERS RUN DEEP HE IS THE FUCKING PACIFIC OCEAN.

TL:DR - Derek cares about Stiles a lot.